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Bookie Insiders Review
Bookie Insiders Review
Bookie Insiders Football Tips – @Bookieinsidrs

Bookie Insiders Review

This Bookie Insiders review made sense as we don’t have enough Football Tipsters reviewed here.

A couple of names were thown up for me and Bookie Insiders was one of them.

Bookie Insiders is a paid service that has been in operation for a number of years now.

Their current Football prices are €9.99 per week, €19.99 per month or €129.99 for the full year

On their site you can see links to their profit and loss record which dates back as far as 2013. Long-term they are showing a generous return of over 6.8% however I wanted to see how they function for a month before making a judgment on these lads.

What to expect?

Bookie Insiders publish about ten Football Tips per week, for the month that I followed there were 46 bets in total coming mostly from the top European leagues and few Internationals.

Bookie Insiders include a comprehensive write-up with everyone of their Tips, this is something I love to see. (see an attached example from Valencia v Ajax)

Bookie Insiders ReviewTips are only available on their website however, this somewhat dissapointed me, I would have prefered to have them delivered directly through email or on Telegram.

My Results (30 Days)

  • Bets placed: 46
  • Average Odds: 2.12
  • Average stake 1.83 units
  • Total staked: 84.24 units
  • Strike rate of 63%
  • Profit of 15.9 units

These results were superb and surpassed my expectations, to be honest. I know from experience trying to beat the books on highly liquid markets such as Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga is no easy feat.

I also enjoy the write-ups and have since gotten more into learning about expected goals (xG) and their role in predicting matches.


  • Solid ROI and returns for the Month (15.9 units (20% ROI)
  • You can tell the write-ups are well thought through and no stone is left unturned with their analysis. Everything from the latest teams news to advanced statistics like expected goals are covered in each write-up
  • Bets tend to be posted in the members area at least a day in advance
  • They were sharp during my month, often the odds they quotes would be at least 10% lower come kick-off, considering these are usually Asian Handicaps or Team Total’s it was impressive.
  • No niche markets, Tips were always Asian Handicap, BTTS, Team Total Goals, or Over/Under Total Goals
  • From their long-term results they show a 6.8% ROI from 4500 bets which is in line with what I’d expect from a professional Football service.
  • Their staking system is pretty standard but still nice to see, approximately 95% of the bets I followed were 2 unit bets.


  • I don’t like having to navigate to their site for Tips, I would prefer to get them delivered directly
  • They do sometimes advise “Live” bets to cover their existing pre-match bets. I can understand this but it’s not always practical for me to follow these. 
  • Some jargon can be used in the write-ups, it would be nice to see a glossary on the site for some of the abbreviated terms.
  • They track their bets to € (€50 is 1 unit) which I didn’t like, I would prefer to see their unit profit as oppossed to a € total amount


  • Knowledge: 85%
  • 30 day returns: 90%
  • Professionalism: 90%
  • Chance of Long-term success: 75%
  • Transparency: 90%

Overall score: 86% – Good Tipster


Final Thought

I’m impressed with the long-term ROI here, you don’t see many Football Tipsters who bet on these leagues with similar returns so I will continue to monitor. What I would like to see them do is improve their delivery of Tips as visiting a slow website is not ideal for most. I would prefer a private group on Discord/Telegram personally.

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