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Sports Insider Review
Sports Insider Review
Sports Insider Review

I followed one of the most popular Sports Tipsters on Tipstrr.com for a 30 day period to see if I could also make a profit following his Tips.

Firstly, he bets a lot of obscure competitions I haven’t got a clue about, so, for the most part, I was putting my trust solely in their selection process.

Generally speaking, I like to have some knowledge of what I’m betting on, but that wasn’t the case here.

He bets mostly on European Sports like Handball, Ice-Hockey, BasketBall (Mens and Womens), and Soccer from a variety of leagues. (Most bets will be Football)

These were my stats for the 30 day period

Bets: 70

Bets that won: 37 (52.86%)

Total staked: £1,750 (flat £25 stakes)

Profit: -£16.5 (-0.9% ROI)


  • Tipstrr.com is an excellent platform that allows the public to get a fair look at Tipsters performance without any of the shady practices that go on in this industry
  • Tips are delivered straight to my inbox, no messing around
  • The prices for the most part were avaialble to me, So I can’t fault Sports Insider there
  • I like the level stake staking strategy
  • Tips are added well in advance, usually around 6-12 hours so your’re not rushing to get your bets down.
  • He’s easy to follow, you might get on average 2-3 Tips per day


  • There’s little to no information on what the strategy is here. On his Tipstrr Bio it says The right info is the cornerstone of successful sports betting. After 15 years in the betting industry, I have the knowledge, connections and experience to analyze and evaluate the flux of info I receive and provide valuable picks. This tells me nothing really
  • He also goes on to state that “In order to follow full Sports Insider service, you may require accounts at Bet365, Betfair and potentially Coral” – From the bets I followed I could get most of them down at Bet365 or Unibet. If you decide to follow him you’ll be fine with just those two I reckon
  • No insight on Bets, This is personal and I understand a lot of you probably just want the Tip but in my opinion I like to have some little bit of insight from the Tipster on why the said selection represents value.
  • A twitter account linked to the service would be nice, I’d like to be able to interact with the person to get a feel for their process a bit more.



Knowledge: 50%

30 Day Returns: 50%

Professionalism: 70%

Chance of Long-term Success: 80%

Transparency: 100%

Total Score: 70% Good Tipster

  1. So the low score for Knowledge is because I have no background on the person and no insight into his bets
  2. I made a tiny loss for the 30 day period but you should consider his longer term ROI (which is very good after almost 1200 logged bets

Final thought

Sports Insiders long-term ROI on Football (21%) and Basketball (17%) is hugely impressive in my opinion. It’s also worth remembering that the review period was actually one of their worst on record. I will keep my eye on Sports Insider as I think he has great potential but I’m eager to see how things shape up as the bet count continues to increase.

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