Technical Tim – Review

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Technical Tim - Review

Technical Tim - Review

Technical Tim – MMA Tipster

I came across Technical Tim from the popular MMA Tipping platform and his twitter handle @TimZTimmyZ 

Straight off the bat, it was clear to me that this guy was looking at fights a lot different to the rest of the MMA Betting community, Tim appeared to have an in-depth knowledge of MMA style match-ups and being a former competitive wrestler had a fairly adept insight on grappling in particular

What to expect?

Tim doesn’t Tip a lot but you can expect at least a handful of Tips per UFC event, he will also Tip lesser-known competitions like the Tuesday Night contender series and Bellator.

The latter of which I struggle to find odds for in the UK

Since I started following him last month he stakes about 9.65 units per event, During the 1-month review he’s only tipped from UFC events which was handy for me.

My results

  • Bets: 20
  • Average stake: 2.21 units
  • Average odds: 1.97
  • Win rate: 70%
  • Average Odds: 2.26
  • Total Profit of +8.3 units

I couldn’t follow every single one of Tim’s bets here in the UK, there were a handful of obscure props like fighters to win by more points on the judges scorecards. For the sake of this review, I haven’t included them in my results.

As you can see above, these are very respectable numbers and are pretty much in line with his long term positive trend on


  • Tim puts out YouTube video’s regularly which might be the best MMA betting content on YouTube. That sounds like a bold claim but those of you that follow MMA will see what I mean.
  • Tim appears to be very sensible with his staking strategy and will only advise a big bet of over 2 units when he’s very confident that he has an edge
  • He also adds in-depth analysis with the Tips he posts on
  • He’s active on twitter and regularly engages his followers in discussions about upcoming bouts
  • His picks are only $8 on Personally, this is a bit of a head-scratcher, I’d happily pay more for such a high-quality service.


  • Tim is clearly very good at spotting when odds are “off” but I’ve struggled at times to reach the prices that he tracks his bets at.
  • As Tim is from the US and bets with only books available to him, I sometimes had difficulty finding the props he bets on.


Knowledge: 90%

30-day returns: 70%

Professionalism: 100%

Chance of long-term success: 80%

Transparency: 100%

Total score: 88% Good Tipster


I feel I’m a good judge when it comes to Tipsters. Unlike other review’s I’ve done, I actually believe following Tim has the best chance to profit long-term. As we discussed in other reviews, MMA is a sport where big price ineffeciences exist and someone as knowledgable as Tim can definitely help you exploit them.

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Quality Score


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