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@snizemaster review

@SnizeMaster US Open Review

@SnizeMaster- Review: I came across @SnizeMaster just before the US Open and liked what he had to say in an Oddsmarket Youtube Preview with himself, @Whale_Capper @Tennispilot, and @AlexClassicTips

I also liked the fact that he was already tracking his plays publically on the platform.

Before this tournament started, Snize was showing an overall loss on his Tennis plays so I wasn’t expected fireworks.

Here’s how I got on

  • Bets: 62
  • Profit: + 26.2 units
  • ROI 14.01%

I was late to get some of the prices on offer, this was my own doing. SnizeMaster had slightly better numbers from the odds he took.

With that being said, I didn’t mind too much these returns were remarkable, Snize had a lot of success on the womens draw in particular. Andreescu outright @ 17.00 and Bencic to win her quarter @ 15.00 were two excellent pre-tournament spots.

Additional value

Snize didn’t just provide value bets, he also put out some video content as well as this guide to betting on hard court which I found very useful

Much like one of our favourtes here @BigTenWatto I mostly just like how Snize puts out free qualify content without looking for anything in return.

Although his long term returns don’t look spectacular, he does offer value to Tennis punters with his previews and betting content.


  • Snize Master doesn’t use unrealistic odds, I think I heard him mention on one of his video’s that he only has access to Bet365 and Unibet. For that reason you can sometimes get even better odds than he quotes
  • All his content is free and he doesn’t spam his followers with affiliate links either
  • Shows a deep knowledge of the sport and what’s required to profit long term
  • Profitable Grandslam (US Open). Grandslams are nototiously hard to profit from so I tip my hat to Snize who made me some money during the event
  • During the US Open Snize put out a a lot of video and written content.


  • SnizeMasters long term track record show’s a -0.54% ROI after 1201 bets logged so the chances of long-term profit may be difficult
  • He also has a lot of 5 unit plays which I assume he means bet 5% of your bankroll. In my opinion the same is a little bit too high


Knowledge: 80%

Tournament Returns: 100%

Professionalism: 90%

Chance of Long-term success: 55%

Transparency: 90%

Overall score: 83% – Good Tipster

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