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@BigTenWatto Tipster Review

@BigTenWatto – Review – I followed another Tennis TIpster for a Month, this time I decided to follow Canadian Tipster @BigTenWatto

@BigTenWatto posts his analysis for games daily on medium.com which is free to use platform and also posts outright bets to a website called Bangthebook.com

During the month I tried my best to follow every bet but I think I may have missed a few that were tweeted in-play.

What to expect?

BitTenWatto goes into great detail on his daily posts with selections which is nice to see. Sometimes a Tipster will just give his pick without any reasoning and it can leave you guessing… Is this Tipster just having a stab in the dark, or does he actually believe in this bet? So that was reassuring to see.

BigTenWatto doesn’t just rely on his gut either you can see from his posts that he takes into account hold/break %, court speed, player fatigue as well as other factors.

Similarly to my review of Sean Calvert, BigTenWatto’s analysis should be able to benefit all level of Tennis bettors

My results

  • Bets placed: 110
  • Average odds: 4.76 (some big priced Outrights skew this average)
  • Bets below 2.00 (Favourites): 60
  • Yield from outright bets: +13.5 units
  • Yield from match bets: -13.8 units
  • Units staked: 104 units
  • Total profit: -0.3 units

BigTenWatto did hit some nice winners that I managed to cash (Tsonga, Monfils, and Opelka) but had it not been for these I would have incurred substantial losses over the Month. Once again I appreciate that 110 bets and a month of following someone shouldn’t define their quality but nonetheless, it was a disappointing month.

With that said I do enjoy his posts on medium.com and he’s a fun follow on twitter who doesn’t take himself too seriously (very refreshing) so I will remain a fan of his work.


  • Does all this for free, he’s not charging a penny for his thoughts and doesn’t expect anything from readers of his daily blog.
  • Goes into great detail with his daily posts which include statistical analysis.
  • He posts screenshots of his bets, from what I have seen he bets CAD$100 per unit. It’s reassuring to see a Tipster placing his own money on bets.
  • The results from his outright selections were spectacular with 3 big priced winners.


  • The results from straight match bets was a concern although I do appreciate this was a rough patch for him.
  • He sometimes abbreviates things that casual Tennis fans (like myself) don’t understand. Readers of his blog from countries outside of North America might not be used to the odds format and American betting lingo so It would be nice to see him take those readers into consideration.


Knowledge: 85%

30-day Returns: 40%

Professionalism: 80%

Chance of Long-term success: 45%

Transparency: 85%

Overall score: 67% – Good Tipster

Final verdict:

I appreciate that @BigTenWatto had a bit of meltdown with his match bets during the Month I followed him, and I appreciate that he didn’t hide from it and made light of the situation. He’s immensely knowledgeable about Tennis, that’s clear from reading his daily posts or listening to any of the podcasts he’s featured on.

Like in my Tennis ratings review I believe it’s very difficult to gain an edge in pre-match tennis markets so the results are not a huge surprise to me.

Although you may not profit long term from following him, You will benefit from reading his daily posts or listening to his podcasts.

If you don’t already, I recommend you give him a follow if you bet on Tennis

Quality score


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