@UppercutBets - Review

@UppercutBets Tipster Review

UppercutBets – Review:

I’ll start by saying I’m not the biggest UFC fan out there and have only recently gotten involved betting on it.

This was mainly due to hearing some positive stories from colleagues who have tracked some of the Tipsters available on the popular MMA Tipping side BetMMA.tips.

Let’s discuss betMMA.tips first.

betMMA.tips – UppercutBets – Review

This is a site with a wealth of information to MMA bettors, their Stats page details a historic break down of Favourites vs Underdogs, UFC Debut % win, How fighters with a certain stance perform (Orthodox v Southpaw) and also how fighters of certain ages perform.

At a quick glance, a few things caught my attention

  1. Betting on slight favourites and huge underdogs is not a profitable strategy in MMA.
  2. Southpaws have a higher win % when fighting Orthodox fighters (Southpaw = left handed, Orthodox = Right handed).
  3. Fighters between the ages of 36-40 have the lowest win rate %.

I encourage you to take a deeper dive yourself here.

BetMMA.tips also have some handy tools on their website which include Arbitrage calculators, Odds conversion, Handicapper analysis as well as other bet calculators.

The real part of the site that interested me though was the Handicapper directory.

All these Tipsters are verified on the betMMA.tips platform so you know there isn’t any funny business going on with tipsters amending their results.

This for me is a huge plus. Sites like Tipstrr, and Pyckio also have 3rd party verification and in my opinion, is the only way you can truly trust a Tipsters record.

No doubt I will be returning to this site to review other Tipsters high on the leaderboard but for the purpose of this review, I’ll be concentrating on the Tipster with the highest ROI.

UppercutBets – Review


Uppercutbets was a free service until a few months ago.

I had actually been following him prior to him charging for access to events but for the purpose of this review, I have purchased the last three UFC events.

At the moment he charges $29.99 per event which is kind of steep for me, but I’m more than happy to pay if these results are maintained long-term.

For the purpose of this review, I will take a look at the last 3 months I’ve been following this Tipster

Sidenote: Reviews are generally done over a 1 month period, but with MMA volume is so low I wanted to extend it to three Months.

My results – UppercutBets.com – Review

  • 40 Bets placed
  • Average odds 2.2
  • Bets below 2.00 (favorites): 12
  • Yield from Favourites: +10.83 units
  • Yield from underdogs: +60.39 units
  • 227 units staked
  • +71.22 units profit

@UppercutBets - Review


  • Bets are delivered instantly to my mailbox via betMMA.tips
  • no recurring charges, you pay for the event and it’s a one-time payment
  • Returns were great during my three Months and judging by his long term record quite stable (see images above)
  • results are 3rd party tracked so there’s no chance for losing bets to be deleted or any other shenanigans.
  • Low volume, @UppercutBets was easy to follow.
  • Odds were widely available with Asian and “soft” books.
  • Tipster is open to questions about his bets and will get back to you if you reach out.
  • The tipster hasn’t made his profit off accumulators or hard to find props, almost all the bets are for a fighter to ‘win’.


  • @Uppercut bets doesn’t have a huge volume of work behind him, I’d like to see a larger sample size as a 43% ROI isn’t sustainable
  • No analysis with bets, you get the picks and the unit of the bet, that’s it (however tipster will engage if you have questions about fights)


Knowledge: 70%

30-day Returns: 100%

Professionalism: 100%

Chance of Long-term success: 80%

Transparency: 100%

Overall score: 84% – Good Tipster

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