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Tennis ratings Review

Dan Weston the man behind Tennisratings.com has been one of the leaders in the Tennis gambling world for a long time so I wanted to try his service for a Month to see if it could help my pre-match betting.

Before I begin however I want to state that Tennisratings.co.uk is not a Tipster site and Dan isn’t selling Tennis Tips perse.

On his website, Dan offers a range of packages but I’ll be concentrating on the daily ATP/WTA & Challenger spreadsheets.

  • 30 days is £50
  • 3 Months £125
  • 1 year £375

What you get: Tennisratings – Review

Dan sends his daily spreadsheets for all ATP/WTA and Challenger events daily. These tend to arrive hours in advance of the games taking place which is convenient although sometimes I would prefer to have them sent earlier.

The spreadsheets that are emailed come with a vast array of data that is probably better used for Tennis traders rather than Tennis punters like myself.  The data focuses primarily on hold/break percentages which seem to be Dan’s bread and butter when it comes to evaluating players.

Dan will highlight bets on his spreadsheets in either purple or red to indicate value, however for the purpose of this Month long review I bet every selection with an implied edge of 5% or greater.

Tennisratings - Review

For every game Dan will give an “implied edge”, for example, Londero v Sonego (below) The market is priced as follows

  • Londero 2.21
  • Sonego 1.75

Dan’s Tennis ratings model, however, is showing what the odds should be

  • Londero 1.97
  • Sonego 2.03

Tennisratings - Review

So with this in mind, we can see that the current best price on offer for Londero (2.21) is, in fact, a value bet with a 5.51% edge.

Londero actually won this match 6-4, 7-6 too 😉

My results: Tennisratings – Review

  • 319 Bets placed
  • Average odds 2.65
  • Bets below 2.00 (favorites): 95
  • Yield from Favourites: +1.02 units
  • Yield from underdogs: +2.42 units
  • 319 units staked
  • +3.44 units profit

These results are a little bit underwhelming for the work put in to place these bets along with the £50 monthly sign-up. Overall my feeling is that Tennis markets are extremely efficient and difficult to beat long term. Even for someone of Dan’s clear expertise.


  • The information on Tennisratings.co.uk can aid any pre-match Tennis bettor or Tennis trader.
  • Results of highlighted bets are tracked on Dan’s website and show a long term positive return.
  • Sensible bankroll strategy. See here
  • Dan is extremely consistent with the quality of his work and a true professional.
  • Has helpful Youtube video’s that explain fully how to use his spreadsheets
  • Is helpful and will always respond if you have a question
  • Chat room (skype for subscribers)
  • Dan often posts articles on Pinnacle and Betfair which are a fantastic resource to any Tennis bettor. See here & here


  • There is a learning curve that comes with trying to make sense of the data in the spreadsheets
  • The Tennisratings.co.uk website although you don’t have to visit it once you’re on the mailing list, is an eyesore (sorry Dan) and difficult to navigate.
  • Achieving the best price is a challenge, users who don’t have access to Asian books won’t be able to make money long-term.
  • The results were underwhelming, although I do appreciate that 1 month is a small sample size.


Knowledge: 100%

30-day Returns: 60%

Professionalism: 100%

Chance of Long-term success: 90%

Transparency: 85%

Overall score: 87% – Good Tipster

Final verdict:

For the purpose of this review, I followed every bet with a 5% edge (flat 1 unit stake) which probably wasn’t the smartest strategy.

Going forward I will be concentrating just on the one’s Dan highlights (Purple & Red highlighted bets)

On his website, Dan shows clearly the performance of these bets to be quite good long term with a 5.97% ROI and even higher at 10.64% if using the Kelly Criterion staking plan. See here

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