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Tipster Wizard

Twitter: @wizard_season


Profit +9.61 units

Total Bets: 183

What to expect

Tipster Wizard likes to Tip In-Play on Football almost exclusively, his bookie of choice is Bet365, and 99% of Tips he advises will be from there.

He favours Total goals, 1×2, Asian Handicap, Cards, Bet builders and the occasional Acca.

Sometimes in the evening, he will also send out an NBA Tip. This is generally a player prop that’s available on Bet365.

Tipster Wizard is an affiliate Tipster, and you will see the occasional tweet go out with an offer. I have no problem with this practice especially as he doesn’t appear to be spamming his followers non-stop like so may other in-play tipsters on twitter.

Tipster Wizard doesn’t offer a great deal of insight into his selections which was disappointing. Sometimes he will put screenshots from various soccer sites to display recent form, and that seems to be the extent of the insight.

Concerning responsible betting, I think Tipster Wizard ticks most of the boxes, most of his bets are 0.5% to 1% of your betting bank and he doesn’t chase when he’s losing… at least from what I have seen.

Final Verdict:


  • Results have been positive for the 1 Month period with +9.61 units
  • He doesn’t Spam or bullshit his followers
  • He’s free to follow
  • He interacts with his followers and all around seems like a nice guy.
  • Sensible bankroll management, he advises mostly 1% (1 unit) bets


  • Personally, I found this volume very hard to follow, some days you would need to be glued to your Bet365 account for the day.
  • You need to have a Bet365 to follow all of his bets
  • I missed a lot of bets because I could not get on in time. (This was expected)
  • No regard is given to prices elsewhere, followers could be getting better prices elsewhere.
  • Tipster makes money from affiliate links


Knowledge: 35%

30-day returns: 80%

Professionalism: 50%

Chance of long-term success: 5%

Transparency: 25%

Overall score: 39% – Bad Tipster

Final Note – We have never followed Tipster Wizard before and were pleasantly surprised that we managed to make a 9.61 units profit from the 30 days we tracked him.

The three things I would advise this Tipster to do to prove his worth further would be:

  1. Verify Bets so we can see how well he performs long-term( or at the very least track his bets on a spreadsheet)
  2. Bet from more than one Bookmaker, We all know how quick Bet365 can limit winning bettors so needing a Bet365 account to follow all his bets isn’t ideal



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