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Our second review comes from one of the most popular Football Tipster accounts on Twitter @InPlayMan. This is our first time following the Tipster and wanted to make an unbiased opinion of his process.

These are the initial numbers from the bets we followed, IPM has a system where he assigns either 1 star (0-2%), 2 stars (2-4%), or 3 stars (4-5%) Stars to a bet. For the purpose of tracking, I have recorded the 1-star bets as 1 unit, 2-star bets as 2 units, and the 3-star bets as 3 units


Profit: +18.59 units

Total staked: 210 units

Average odds 1.89

What to expect: InPlayMan – review

As you may have picked up from the username you can expect plenty of in-play action that focuses on Asian Handicaps, Total Goals, and Corners. IPM will also offer some pre-match bets that are often posted on his website well in advance of the match taking place.

In terms of volume, we found it manageable to follow IPM he averages around 3-5 in-play bets per day along with 1 or 2 prematch bets.

Bets are almost exclusively with Bet365 or Skybet

There are limited reasons for the selections that IPM decides to bet on, from what we’ve seen so far he puts emphasis on recent form and recent H2H between teams. He’s also Tipping from a wide range of obscure leagues so the chances he’s looking at more than just the recent results is slim.

Final Verdict:


  • Results are EXCELLENT of the 1 Month period (+18.59 units)
  • He doesn’t spam his followers with affiliate links like most other in-play Tipsters
  • He supports Charities and is free to follow
  • @InPlayMan will post a #IPMBetBible which is a huge image that displays a number of helpful metrics for Football bettors. (Personally, I have no use for it but his followers seem to like it)


  • It can be hard for followers to follow all his in-play Tips
  • No regard is given for prices elsewhere, his followers could be getting better prices
  • No historical Profit and Loss (That I can see at least)
  • The reasoning for the bets seems too basic, we can’t expect to beat Bet365/Skybet long-term relying on teams form alone. I may be wrong but the approach seems far too rudimentary
  • As most bets are from obscure competitions and in-play you may have no choice to follow his bets unless you have a Bet365 account
  • Bankroll strategy is too aggressive in our opinion

InPlayMan – review – Scores:

Knowledge: 35%

30-day Returns: 100%

Professionalism: 10%

Chance of Long-term success: 5%

Transparency: 25%

Overall score: 35% – Bad Tipster

Final Notes – There are a few things I would advise this Tipster to do to improve going forward

  1. Track or verify results:  This is the only way we can truly know if this Tipster is worth following long-term. As far as I can see he doesn’t even have a shared spreadsheet with his past bets. Without a results page, it’s very easy for a Tipster to make it seem like he wins all the time.
  2. Refine the Bankroll strategy, 3-star bets (which are common) for him are 4-5% of your Bankroll, that’s just too high in my opinion and wouldn’t take a bad streak of losers to blow your betting bank
  3. Don’t be mean – @InPlayMan will often make fun his followers for asking simple questions, We were all novices at some point, if you don’t want to help your followers then you’re better off not responding to them

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