Should I pay a Tipster?

The short answer is you probably shouldn’t pay for betting tips. History has made it very clear that most customers paying for tips of “Tipsters” take the worst of it with their betting bankrolls. The purchased selections don’t outperform the market and customers are also out of pocket for whatever fee they paid for the services in the first place.

Furthermore, a lot of these Tipsters Tip from markets where the odds disappear after 10 mins and is only available with one bookie with very low limits (William Hill for example) This leaves the customer having to bet into a market with worse odds than the Tipster.

The betting Tips industry is not an industry full of success stories about Tip performance. You’re more likely to hear horror stories than anything positive. It’s an industry that has garnered a poor reputation, and in many cases, it is a reputation that is well deserved.

Ignore non-verified results

Tipsters will often have a spreadsheet with some bogus results to show potential customers. These sheets from my experience are almost always false with completely unrealistic returns. The very best Tipsters I have found can maintain a 4-9% ROI long-term (Over 2000 bets) what you tend to see a lot on Twitter and other platforms are guys who have just started and maybe have 100-200 bets in their results page.

Anyone can hit it lucky over 100-200 bets, even a monkey picking out selections has a reasonable chance to showcase an impressive ROI over such a short timespan so please don’t be sold on Tipsters who don’t have over 2000 bets in their portfolio.


It’s easy to expose some pretenders by testing their understanding of markets and the Sport they are Tipping.
If they cannot offer a brief rationale for why their selection is a value bet they probably don’t know what they are doing.
There are some that use models to generate their tips, but still, they should be able to explain which variables are used in their model and why.
With that in mind don’t just let a Tipsters tell you that he uses “Algorithmic Machine Learning, AI” or other nonsense without explaining it further.
Too many people hear these buzzwords and immediately throw their money at the service as it sounds too good to be true.

Tipsters to trust?

Focus on following Tipsters who have a longterm verified record and have positive customer feedback. The very best Tipsters we have come across are entirely upfront about their results and aren’t afraid of showing that they’re human and have losing streaks just like the rest of us.

You also shouldn’t be put off by misleading stats, a Tipster with a 5% ROI over 5000 bets is far more impressive than a Tipster with 20% ROI but only 200 registered bets.

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