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5 Bookmaker Secrets

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5 Bookmaker Secrets

5 Bookmaker Secrets

Below we outline just 5 Bookmaker secrets that you might not have been aware of.

They love when you use their promotions

Bookmaker promotions are a huge deal for customer retention, bookmakers will bend over backward to keep a losing bettor betting.

As anyone who works in the business will tell you, it costs 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep hold of an existing one.

For example, I knew of one punter who was down close to a million £ on his account at a Bookmaker I used to work for.

The Bookie in question would heel to his demands, often he’d request a £100 free bet after having a day of losing thousands. The bookie, of course, would always keep him sweet with free bets as they knew, in the long run, this guy was a gold mine.

So to recap, If a Bookmaker is being really nice to you and giving you free bets all the time it’s probably a good sign that they want to keep your custom as you will make them money in the long run.

They want you to place Accumulators

Bookmakers these days all have fancy bet slips that can calculate your exact potential return on bets, this isn’t to aid the punter, this is to encourage them to make bets that have a very low % value edge. Punters tend to see the potential winnings on their slip and then add selection after selection until they have a 12-fold Accumulator that pays over a £100,000. Bookies love these types of punters, they lose week in week out. The same goes for Super Yankees, Lucky 15’s, Goliaths, and Trixies.

If you don’t understand what a bookies overround is read this.

Falling into these traps set by bookies is a sure fire way to guarantee you will be a long-term losing punter.

Your bet can be made void at anytime

Bookmakers are covered with their ‘T’s & C’s’ for almost everything. If they decide that your bet was placed at odds that were incorrect they are within their rights to cancel your bet. These kinds of things seem entirely unfair but it happens countless times every day.

There are appeal services like IBAS but in truth, these 3rd parties are in bed with the bookmakers and will almost always side with them over you.

Account Limits

Bookies will restrict your bets or close your account permanently if they see you as a threat to their business model. Many professional punters have had accounts closed after a few winning bets with no other reason given by the bookmaker other than ” your account is closed for commercial reasons”.

Generally, though the bookmaker will still allow you to access the Casino and games section as this guaranteed income for them.

You can try open another account with them but their systems these days are very sophisticated.


When you are on a bookmakers site, they are tracking you!

They will use your data such as your IP address to decide whether or not you have more than one account with them. Or even to find out if you bet with another bookmaker and have been banned/limited with them.

They also use things like cookies to track what you do to ensure they can limit or block your account if required.

We have also heard of bookmakers using your IP address to work out where you are to see if you fit into specific criteria to market to you in particular ways, for example, if you are in Knightsbridge (London) they may think you have more money than average users so might offer you a more lucrative sign up offer or promotion.

I would suggest you regularly clear your cookies from these sites and keep this in mind when you are making a profit from your betting as they will likely share this information with other bookmakers to have your betting accounts limited.

Tipster Qualities to look for

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